Responsive to the Unique
Needs of Dialysis Patients

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Exceptional Patient Care

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Advanced Dialysis Care – Ultimate Comfort

Putting the Patient First

At Herald Square Dialysis all patients are supported by friendly and knowledgeable staff including Doctors, Registered Nurses, Dialysis Technicians, Social Worker, Registered Dietitian, Administrative Assistant, Clinic Manager, and Facility Manager.

We value our patients and respect what means most, good patient care.

We put quality of care for patients first and strive to deliver the best dialysis treatment possible in a safe and comfortable environment.

Patients will be able to expect:

  • Individual monitoring of medical status and laboratory values
  • Customized care based on individual patient needs
  • Social support for patients and families
  • Personalized nutrition education
  • Assistance navigating insurance and assistance programs

What makes this a Special Place?

  • We are people who know how to listen and respond to the unique needs of dialysis patients.
  • We put the clinical and operational decisions into the hands of physicians and staff; the skilled, dedicated people providing direct care to you.
  • We offer the very latest in dialysis equipment.
  • We give our staff the tools and support to be the best care providers in the field.
  • We’re backed by the resources of American Renal Associates, one of the largest dialysis providers in the U.S.

Our new dialysis center offers state of the art technology in a bright and comfortable environment.

  • State-of-the-art dialysis machines
  • Single use dialyzers
  • Individual flat screen TV’s with Satellite services
  • Heated and massaging patient chairs
  • Wireless Internet Access

Offering dialysis treatment options to fit the needs of our patients.

In-Center Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis treatments are performed in center by trained nurses and technicians. Treatments are typically completed three days per week and last around four hours. During the treatment, wastes and fluid are removed from the blood using a dialysis machine and a special filter called a dialyzer. Before starting hemodialysis an access into your blood vessels needs to be made. This is done with surgery, usually on the arm.

First and Second Shifts available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Home Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis treatments are performed by the patient in their home, typically several times each day. During the treatment a fluid called dialysate is put into part of the abdomen and allowed to dwell for a prescribed amount of time. While the dialysate is in the abdomen, it pulls wastes and fluid from the blood. At the end of the treatment, the dialysate along with the waste is drained from the abdomen and discarded. During treatments patients are able to complete daily activities, work, or go to school Before to starting peritoneal dialysis, a catheter, or hallow tube, must be surgically placed in the abdomen to provide access for the dialysate.

 Our Location

Herald Square Dialysis

One Herald Square, Suite 100
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